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A giant ice strip has been built on Baffin Island, as part of the ArcelorMittal and Nunavut Iron Ore-owned Baffinland Iron Mines project in Canada’s north. The Baffinland team ex...

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VB Opinion piece

Valérie Beauzemont, chief financial officer, ArcelorMittal France...

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mont wright blog dotcom thumbnail

Operating a mine in sub-Arctic conditions can be quite a challenge. In our iron ore open pit mine, Mont-Wright, Canada, we fight the elements from November to March every year. Sta...

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On Wednesday the European Commission will put forward its energy and climate policy package for 2030. Brussels should take this opportunity to close the huge cost gap that is threa...

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Liberian sets up snake trap_square

“I have long known that Africa is home to a wide variety of snakes. But I didn’t know that Liberia’s Nimba County, location of ArcelorMittal Liberia’s iron ore mining opera...

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VP Nicola Davidson blogs about the work of the ArcelorMittal Foundation in Brazil and how great it was to experience a widespread culture of volunteering and community involvement....

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The Kazakhstan edition of the ArcelorMittal employee magazine marks 50 years in print. We find out about its fascinating history, which is closely intertwined with the country’s...

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Cleveland intern Kelly Staniero blogs about her experience working at ArcelorMittal. “I got the chance to do a lot of really interesting projects that really contribute to what w...

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flying2_470by350_blog page

Not satisfied only being surrounded by Unesco biosphere reserves, ArcelorMittal Asturias employees in Spain decided to contribute to the environment by getting involved with local ...

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Three guys and a robot; from Galati to Jakarta; a lot of effort and not too many expectations; some help and a lot of passion – indeed, this is quite a story....

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