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Mr Mittal, Chariman and CEO

The European Parliament will vote on Wednesday on the EU’s latest proposals to significantly reduce carbon emissions. The next stage of the emissions trading system (ETS), the mo...

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The issue of significant steelmaking overcapacity in China – which is estimated to be in the region of 300 million tonnes, broadly double the level of annual EU steel consumption...

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With the North American auto show circuit underway, car enthusiasts are looking at a myriad of vehicle features. These include appearance, price tag, gas mileage, technology featur...

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The private sector has shown it can rise to the challenge of Ebola, according to Alan Knight, general manager for corporate responsibility at ArcelorMittal....

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Few people outside Latin America had heard of the Zika virus until a few weeks ago. But news of the virus spread fast when pregnant women were warned internationally not to travel ...

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Waste gas is an unavoidable waste product in the steelmaking process, but ArcelorMittal has been putting it to good use over the years. That’s why many of our plants are industry...

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Today’s car buyers are savvier than ever. When making a purchasing decision, affordability and reliability have always been key factors, but environmental impact is one factor th...

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When you last opened a can of soup for your lunch, did you stop to think where the tin that lines the steel can came from?...

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Maintaining our position as the leading steel supplier to the automotive industry means never standing still. In previous blog posts, we’ve looked at how ArcelorMittal continues ...

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Carmakers worldwide have come to expect access to the same products and solutions across all their global production facilities. The result: the pressure has never been greater for...

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