Making safety a family business in Mexico

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ArcelorMittal Mexico’s corporate responsibility manager, Rebeca Araya, tells us how they are building a more safety-conscious society in the country, starting with 1,600 children from local communities.

Mexico safety blog 2_350“Children are our future; one day, they will be the people driving cars, and working in our plants. Helping them understand as early as possible how important prevention and safety is in every area of our lives is the only way to bring about real change – to avoid injuries and fatalities.

So here in Mexico, ArcelorMittal recently launched a new campaign, titled “Yo me cuido en la escuela y tú en el trabajo” (Spanish for “I take care of myself at school and you do the same at work”), which aims to raise awareness among primary school children of the importance of safety and injury prevention, for them to convey and reinforce the same message within their families and wider society.

Some of these kids are the sons, daughters, or grand-children of our employees, so they will also act as our little ambassadors, reminding our colleagues of how important it is that they pay attention to safety – every minute and every second of their day. As the name of the campaign suggests, we believe hearing their offspring talk about safety will engage workers more and send a stronger message on following safety rules and taking less risks.

How does it work?

Fifty educational workshops will be conducted among fourth-grade students of 50 primary schools across the city of Lázaro Cárdenas, where our plant is located. Children will learn how accidents can be prevented in four areas of their own or their parents’ lives: at home, in the streets, at school or at work.

Mexico safety blog 1_350The workshops are made up of a series of games, and the children also get to try on ArcelorMittal personal protective equipment (PPE), to find out how wearing PPE helps protect the lives of our people on site.

Once they have completed the workshop, the children will be awarded a diploma to take home to their families; this will trigger off more discussions between family members about the importance of safety.

It is expected that around 1,600 children will benefit from the programme.”


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