Building skills with international assignments

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At ArcelorMittal, short international assignments are essential to building leadership. We deliver excellence by bringing together the right people for the right job – wherever they may be in the world. As part of a three-month research and development (R&D) project, speciality plates engineer Shaun Elder travelled from East Chicago in the US to Le Creusot in France.

As a speciality plates products engineer at our global R&D centre in East Chicago, I work primarily to develop new plate steel grades with our facilities in Coatesville and Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. It is a rapidly changing market and we try to anticipate the needs of our customers before they arise. Sometimes, multiple researchers and facilities come together to meet those needs. To deliver a customer order for clad steel, which has an extensive processing sequence, our facilities at Coatesville and Le Creusot were called upon. Our collaborative research team worked to identify differences between the two facilities, so that we could ensure that the client is provided with consistent and high-quality steel, irrespective of where it is produced.

Working with an international and talented team, I have had the opportunity to develop product strategies and solve problems for customers across the world. These experiences are valuable both professionally and personally.


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