Life saved thanks to employees’ quick reactions

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Just before Christmas 2008, one of our colleagues from Le Creusot rolling mill in France suffered a mild heart attack during the night shift. Thanks to the defibrillators set up across the site and the prompt reaction of his workmates, he was able to celebrate a happy Christmas with his family.

To ensure employees’ health and safety in the workplace, the site had set up seven defibrillators across the plant. In December, one of those defibrillators enabled the Le Creusot team to rescue their ailing colleague.

“We are only as good as our weakest link and the success of such interventions depends on the overall performance of all the elements involved,” says Alain Mulot, safety engineer at Le Creusot. “All went remarkably well that night and we managed to work perfectly together as a team.”
Similar incidents have been reported at ArcelorMittal Imphy and Dunkerque, both in France, and Bremen, Germany. By providing defibrillators and training its employees, ArcelorMittal is taking steps on its journey towards zero accidents across the group.

In the meantime, every life saved is a success to be celebrated.


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