Arceo: a revolutionary steel technology

Posted on 24.01.08 by

Stefan Schwarz



Arceo, ArcelorMittal's industrial prototype for a vacuum plasma steel coating line, opens up opportunities to use steel in new ways. It was first used at our plant in Liège, Belgium.

Arceo is a breakthrough technology developed by our research and development team in partnership with the Walloon region in Belgium. It makes possible a host of new uses for flat steel products. With this process, steel can be a sensor, a reflector, a source of light, an anti-bacterial or self-cleaning surface, or simply more aesthetic or endowed with better anti-corrosive properties.

This process is one of ArcelorMittal’s most promising research projects, which will contribute to renewing and expanding our product range. It also enables the production of more environmentally friendly products that allow for sustainable development.

Greg Ludkovsky, vice president for research and development, is proud to see this project, which was initiated at our research centres, become an industrial success. Arceo will help ArcelorMittal transform the future of steel, opening new horizons.


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